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TPS01 – Rail Fastening System

TPS01 GTR fastening system designed for light rail transport in cities by direct fixation method installation.

TPS01 GTR provides technical specifications for higher loads and speeds and being used in Turkey’s many cities for years.

All the components of the system are produced in Gürmak railway facilities with correct and reliable raw materials (plastic, elastic and metal) and patented by Gürmak.

General Field of Application Light Rail System
Axle Load ≤ 13,5 t
Speed LR; ≥ 100 km/h
Curve Radius LR; ≥ 40 m
Height Adjustment Optional
Gauge Adjustment ± 10 mm
Vertical Fatigue Strength (Skl 14) – 2mm / (Skl 21) – 2,5mm
Static Stiffness (Rail Pad) ≥ 30 kN/mm EN 13146-9
Toe Load 9 kN EN 13146-7
Electrical Resistance ≥ 5 kΩ EN 13146-5
Rail Creep Resistance ≥ 9 kN EN 13146-1
System Approval EN 13146-5

LR: Light Rail System
CR: Conventional Line


Gürmak TPS01 GTR rail fastening system has approval from Münich Technic University and being used commonly in Turkey.

There are special solutions for different rail types.


  • Turkey


SKL 14/21 Tension Clamp
SS 36 Sleeper Screw
ULS 7 Washer
AKB 21 B/WFP1412 Angle Guide
GDÜ 26 Dowel
ZW 900 Rail Ped
TPS01 – 180 Base Plate
KPK-02 Plastic Cover


  • Ri59/Ri60/E49/E60