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GRM AY1 – Rail Fastening Systems

Balastlı Hatlar & Ağır Yük Taşımacılığı (HH)

GRM AY1 rail fastening system designed to work with the specific requirements of the heavy haul railways.

GRM AY1 rail fastening system connects the rails up to 35 tons axle loads. Fatigue resistance feature is much more capable rather than other systems. The set which consisted of well-qualified components stands over 2,8 mm displacement values are easy to install and durable.

All the components of the system are produced in Gürmak Railway facilities with correct and reliable raw materials and patented by Gürmak.

General Field of Application Heavy Haul
Axle Load ≤ 35 t
Speed HH ≤ 160 km/h
Curve Radius HH ≥ 400 m
Height Adjustment Optional
Gauge Adjustment ± 10 mm
Vertical Fatigue Strength GK 1 2,8 mm
Static Stiffness (Rail Pad) 50 – 400 kN/mm   EN 13146-9
Toe Load 12,5 kN EN 13146-7
Electrical Resistance ≥ 5 kΩ  EN 13146-5
Rail Creep Resistance ≥ 9 kN EN 13146-1
System Approval EN 13481-2

HH: Heavy Haul


Gürmak GRM AY1 rail fastening system is tested and approved by Munich Technical University

The system can be configured according to needs concerning different rail types.


  • Kazakhstan
  • Azerbaijan


 GK1 Tension Clamp
SS 23/35 Sleeper Screw
ULS 7 Washer
GAK130-12 Angle Guide
SDU 9/SDÜ 25 Dowel
GAS 139 / 175 Rail Ped
KPK-02 Plastic Cover